Non-Canon Stories

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The following stories are non-canon and donít quite follow the rules. These are just for fun! Some cancelled story arcs are here too.

  1. A Truely Rotten Character, by Fox Dragonrite
  2. Working Magic, by Fox Dragonrite
  3. Weapons Training, by Fox Dragonrite
  4. The Good and Sacred, by Fox Dragonrite
  5. Expanding the Mind, by Fox Dragonrite
  6. Diary, by Dan Fahl
  7. Early Morning Pressures, by Michael Bard
  8. Direct Delivery, by Stealthcat
  9. Traveler, by i Bethron
  10. The Rat Who Leads the Cat (Original Ending), by Hawl Enroygall
  11. Xhyz's Trial, byHawl Enroygall

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