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All works present on this site are the property of their author(s) and are posted here with their permission. Copyrights remain with the author with this site only having the rights to display the work. If you wish to distribute a story found here, you will need to obtain the authors' permission before hand.

The site background is composed of Leslie Looney's photograph of a German castle and David Mahaffy's photograph of a mountain near Stewart, BC. Used with permission.

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Who makes this site possible:

Chris O'kane
The MK universe controller, master of all things Metamor.
Charles Matthias and Raven Blackmane
Providers of much of the information found on the resource pages and both a driving force behind the universe.
The previous archivist and maintainer of this website.
Viny, aka Dimensional
Your NEW friendly archivist, and current maintainer of this website.
Dan D'Alimonte and Thaeus
Hard-working former maintainers.
Everyone who has contributed to building Metamor Keep into what it is.