by Daniel Fahl

Hello Diary

It's me your aspiring mage Arthur Sage, your favorite fox morph. As you know I keep this diary because...well...most wizards and mages do too so I figured I should also.

Anyway today was just another day really Not much to say so I'll start off with the morning. I woke up and hopped out of my bed came downstairs to breakfast Mom was already off to work and dad, you know the largish rat morph, was.... well... sharpening his Incisors on the table which mom has asked him a million times not too. I am personally worried that mom will now kill Dad. I mean she loved that table carved it herself and she is going to kill dad for chewing on it again!

Well I hate a hearty bowl of cereal and ran to school when I realized I was late for school. So I ran over and got there in time...by thiiiiisss much. Class was ever boring the worst part being today was training day in the gym for hand to hand combat. The coach always picks me for the neck holds. (SIGH)

Then during Math class the lutin bell was rung and the entire school was evacuated to their assigned places. Those things take forever but we made good time and if there had been a Lutin raid we were assured that they would never make it to the school and if they did we would kick their butts(yeah right)

At Lunch I met up with my good friend Chris, remember the transgender morph stuck at 7 years old, finally showed up turns out he was helping his Dad in the South Lands. you would think he would tell me this before he goes on such a long journey.

Of course Elizabeth was there too. I had always thought that porcupines weren't exactly made for being warriors but she proved me wrong on that camping trip last year when she killed 20 Lutins by herself. Which is why I never try to get her mad. And boy was she in a foul mood today. So I kept my distance as did everybody, no one crosses her.

After school went to the library for about an hour to study magical texts. I read some of the greats and I think I can learn this really interesting spell that was as talked about in one of the books.

Anyway later at the Tavern, OK I know I have done this before but lets face it that is the most unoriginal name in the known world, there was this big brawl when this out of towner made a very nasty comment about wolf morph and this really sauced up wolf morph started to fight him. Well pretty soon half the damn bar was in on the fight and I was a caught in the middle.

Arnold was not happy with the entire fight so he kicked just about everyone out of the bar, literally kicked them out,(memo to self never get a kangaroo morph mad). But all was a not in vain I got a very nice tip form an Amazonian woman with a large number of weapons every where eon her body when I erected a magical shield to protect her and some patrons form some o the flying objects.

On my way home I nearly got run over by the school sports team. They were of course all in centaur mode so I was nearly crushed by a large number of paws. Those bodies may look lunky but they are fast. I was lucky to have made it out alive. When I got home I found dad had been chewed out by mom but she hadn't killed him and she was outside repairing the table. Got my homework done and here I am.

You known diary looking out my window now. Even though my day wasn't perfect that starlight sky against the tall sky scrapers and the light of the city just make me happy to be a citizen of Metamor City.