Metamor Keep Game

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Provided as is, use at own risk. The game has bugs.

Use WINDOWED MODE. There are problems with full screen mode that involve dificulty in quiting out of the game.
The load game feature doesn't work.

May contain violence and adult references.

Built with the game maker Map001 and powered by the game engine Engine001 by Mike Weir and Pierre Cayer

Resources provided by coffeennicotine, shadowwarrior, metomunc, AREKZIOM, dannynsk8s, Mr.Numbers, Eonsoldier, AznaThira, HardcoreHobbit, Dojan5, Sleepy805, gabandre, reaper560, Agentx002, Scaveleon, DS21, Ixayou, CalLuz710, skullflorest, C0c1, Darkvoid, hellblade, Ratyw, jericho5438, AvocadoThunder, number1sonicnerd, pilli10, Farmboy102, Neto and evergreen terrence

Music provided by Blue Fox Studios and The Matthias Zone

Game Tested by Leo M Panther

Furry Character resources adapted by StealthCat and Christian O'Kane

Based on the Metamor Keep Story Universe owned and operated by Christian O'Kane, Originally created by Copernicus
Created and Developed by StealthCat

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