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What is the MKSA?

MKSA stands for the Metamor Keep Story Archive. It is a collection of writings set in the Metamor Keep universe, created ago by Copernicus. It is a fantasy universe, filled with magic and monsters, heros and villains, and the Keep itself: a remarkable piece of architecture full of hidden rooms, shifting hallways, and magic spells.

The goal of the MKSA is to provide a comprehensive collection of stories and information on Metamor Keep.

What is Metamor Keep?

Patrick has written an introduction; check it out.

How can I get involved?

A good starting place is to meet the community, especially the mailing list.

I would like to write a story.

Excellent! Be sure to look at the resources for help, especially the writing guidelines. And join the mailing list to let the other authors know what you're up to and get information.

I have a story, how can I get it into the archive?

Look at the submission policy.