A Little Diddy

by Oren the Otter

Oren huffed and groaned as he trudged uphill with the load of stones he had collected in his hand-drawn cart. Phil spied him coming up the way with his load and asked out of curiosity "Oren? What in the world are you doing?"

"Good morning, Phil." Said Oren. "I'm helping the local farmers out by OOMPH hauling their rocks away from wut wut their fields."

"That's a kindness, to be certain, but... why are you taking them uphill, to the keep?"

"Not HUFF to the keep itself. Just outside. This is my way HUNH of strength training."

"I see."

"What about you, Phil? What are you doing out here? I seldom see you outside the walls of the keep."

Phil rocked his ears in a smile. "Today is one of those days I just had to get away from work and come out to graze." he said.

"Hng hng it is a nice day, isn't it?"

Phil nodded.

Oren reached the top of the hill he was climbing and parked the cart. One by one, he took the stones off of the cart while Phil ate clover and watched him. He arranged them in a wide circle, as if building the wall for an enormous round house. "What are you making?" asked the rabbit.

"I have no idea." said Oren. "I just got tut this creative urge, you know... to put the stones together and try to make something. Who knows what it might be?"

Phil just hoped that it wouldn't be something ugly that the Duke would order demolished as a public eyesore.

As he worked, Oren began to sing. To himself.

In times that shall come 'round once more
came a child-like warrior

orphan boy of mean estate
drink a drop and change your fate

wander now to where you will
to the castle on the hill

seek ye there the ones who chew
with their secrets, one and two.

Ask your riddle, play your game
share with them your special name

secrets two and secrets none
now are three and three are one

sand and flame and zero score
quoth the child-like warrior

add to three another two:
painting-mind and heart-is-true

all return to evil's shore
with the child-like warrior

darkest times shall come again
evil that was one is twain

by the rising of the sun
so shall darkness be undone

Go back again when all is still
to the castle on the hill

sing and play and have your fluff
time will come 'round soon enough.

"That's... an interesting little Diddy." said Phil. "Where did you learn that?"

"Oh, it's just ppprrrrrr a song that the kids sing in Hipocc sing. Nobody knows where it came from, although ppprrrr the kids say that some crazy old geezer made it up years ago. Nobody knows for sure. It's been wut around for generations."

"As a children's song?"

"Yeah. I used to sing it as a kid. I have no idea why it chp! Came to me just now."



"Have you ever stopped to analyze that song?"

"No, why?"

"You just described yourself very well in several of those verses."

Oren stopped and considered that. Saying nothing more, he went back to his stones, quietly humming, and thinking.