Must be summer

by Oren the Otter

It had been a couple of weeks since Ulg had come to the Keep. Everybody had noticed when he arrived back in May. Standing nine foot six and weighing half a ton, Ulg was very hard to miss. Presently, he sat at the bar in the Deaf Mule, regaling a pair of cats with the tales of his daring do as a knight back in his homeland of Shanab. Of course, he had been ten feet tall, back then. A head taller than all the other knights of Shanab, even taller than the king himself. Of course, now that he was transforming into an African giant rat, he would be losing a little bit of his grand stature, but he was learning to live with it. He was still the biggest person at Metamor, barring the dragons.

One of the cats, a black one named Balder, drew Ulg's attention to the door. Sir Samantha had just walked in. She was without her fake mustache this time, choosing decorum over nastalgia. "Sam was a large man before he changed, too. He lost a good foot when he became a woman."

"Her feet look fine to me." said ulg, ogling the woman's ankles.

Immediately after Samantha, Sir Saulius walked through the door. Several other rats crowded about him, delighted to see him out of the basements for a change.

"I'll reckon that fellow also lost a number of inches." said Ulg.

Balder looked at his oversized drinking companion and with a serious face, declared "It must be summer."

"What makes you say that?"

"The knights are getting shorter!"

Balder was pelted with heavy objects.