Long Scout, Short Memory

by Stealthcat

Misha sat in his office lost in maps and reports. His muzzle made the sound of an occasional ‘hmmm’. The fox’s good ear twitched up to the love of his life entering the room. Caroline wore a simple yet pleasant dress tailored to her form. The otter strolled around the desk and placed her webbed paws on the fox’s back.

He turned his attention away from the pile and to his fiancé. “Hello my sweet!” He kissed her, “anything wrong?”

“Must there be a problem for me to see you?” She teased.

“No!” He answered eagerly.

The otter pushed him away, “well actually there is.”

“Oh? What’s wrong, love?” He asked concerned.

“You tell me.” She answered.

“Ah...” The fox drew a blank.

Carol sighed, “We’re going to meet Andre and Jen for lunch.”

“Ah!” He lit up, “oops?”

The otteress glared at him. “It was written down right here,” she dug through a small pile of notes with various reminders.

Misha glanced at his trusty clock – he knows its trusty because he helped build it – and wondered at how late he would be. “Hmmm”

“And did you forget what else I told you?” Caroline probed.

“Ah...” He began.

“About tonight?” She hinted.

“Oh?” He asked.

“We went over this yesterday.” Carol pestered.

“Hmmm” The fox scratched his head.

“We’re going to a concert!” The otter informed irate.

“Ah!” Misha said in triumph.

Caroline sighed and buried her face in her paws. She then reached over to the desk and took one of the fox’s small note sheets as well as a quill. When she finished scribbling down something she took the note and wedged it firmly between the good ear and stub of the other on Misha’s head.

After she was out the door, Misha removed the note and read its message, ‘hello, my name is Misha. I am a male red fox’

He looked out the door and called out to Caroline, “I’m not that bad yet!”