by Wanderer

Something is missing.

I wake in His room, raising my head from where I have nestled against His side.

Something is missing. And I do not know what.

I sniff through the marks I have made on the sides of this place where we sleep, and mark some again. But they all are there. They are not missing.

The Female is not here, and I do not understand that. The Female should be here. But She was not here then, so She is not missing.

What is missing?

I place my paws upon the thing His mate lies upon, and sniff her. I lick her face once, to let her know we are here. But His mate is not missing.

I sit, and whimper an asking. But nothing answers.

I sit and wonder. What do I think will answer?

I walk to the hole that lets the light in without letting me out, and look up at the light in the sky. It is a softer light than the light that was there before, and I look at it for a time.

What is missing?

I listen, and hear nothing.

What should I hear?

Something is missing. And I do not even know what it is.

I whimper. I do not understand. I tremble.

I feel alone. I go back to His side and nestle closer than before, wanting his warmness.

What is missing?