by Magus

Magus stood near a workbench in his quarters, mixing various components and testing variables on some spells. He shuffled scrolls here, and paged through books there. The place was a MESS!

Still, he hummed softly, and continued to mix and blend.

Pascal was walking by when the door to Magus's quarters shuddered with a loud popping sound from within. It swung open, smoke pouring into the hallway, and a disgruntled Magus emerged, fur charred and coughing gruffly.

She stifled a giggle as Magus shot her that 'dont-say-a-thing' look.

"Something wrong, Magus?" she cooed.

"I think that I reconticulated the carbonizational capacity of the power cells whilst reverberating the ---"

"You put it on backwards, Magus."

Magus blinked, looked at it, then blushed.

"So I have..."

Pascal grinned, and started off.

"Pascal, you think you know anyone who would be my assistant?"

"You'd need to offer medical coverage" she smirked.

"Very funny. Seriously tho."

"Why would you need an assistant?" Pascal tilted her head in question.

"Well I need someone to help me get books from the library. Fox won't let me near it because he's afraid that I'll set it on fire."

Pascal grinned. "You -are- prone to setting things alight. Including yourself."

Magus pondered this. Then he started back into his quarters, already carrying on a conversation with himself as to a solution. Pascal shook her head, chuckling slightly, then started again on her normal route.

It wasn't five minutes until there was another explosion, and a burst of flames hit a passing attendant.

"Magus you fur-brain!!!"