Coyote Delivers

by KeeCoyote

Early in the morning in Metemor keep, a rather small coyote morph running down a hallway with a bundle of scrolls in his hand like paws while saying "messenger coming through make way" could be seen. This was Kee. No one knew were he came from but he claimed to be from one of the desert kingdoms in the east. Kee had some how talked his way into being a messenger for the Keep and somehow allways was able to diliver his messanges right on time.

After exiting the hall he entered another and paused looking at the next scroll he had to diliver. "Lovely a messenge for that snake morph Bryan and his room is on the other side of the keep" Kee thought to himself. Taking out a key like item he had on a pendant around his neck,while looking around to see no one was there. Holding the key in his right paw he said "Keep need passway to room called Bryan's room" and waited. While he waited a hallway entrance formed on the right wall. Kee looked at the hall, smiled to himself and entered the new hallway.

Meanwhile in Bryan's room the cobra morph Bryan was wrapped up in his newest device litteritely. The device he was making needed equal pressure on all sides when he added the new piece to it. So he had wrapped his sizable 20 foot body all sides and was putting the squeeze on it.Bryan whispered siblitantly as he inserted the newest piece into the machine, "Gently therrrrre, carrrrefful, got it.". As Bryan unwrapped himself from his device he heard a knock on the door of his room. "A messege from the Lord of the Keep to court scientist Bryan" could be heard on the other side of the door. When Bryan opened the door he saw the tawny forms of the coyote morph Kee with a bundle of scrolls. This is for you sir said Kee and handed a scroll to Bryan,then ranoff down the hallway as fast as his morph body could take him. Stange fellow even for here thought Bryan to himself and went back to his device.

Looking at his bundle of scrolls again Kee saw the name Magus and groaned. "Why do the messenges allways half to be halfway on the other side of the Keep" he thought while taking out his pendant. "One more time passway to the mage Magus'room" said Kee going down another newly formed hallway.